B.C. Air Quality

Provincial Wood Stove Exchange Program: Proposal Information and Requirements 2016 - 2017


The Provincial Wood Stove Exchange is a program designed to encourage British Columbians to change out their older, smoky wood stoves for low emission appliances, including new CSA/EPA-certified clean burning wood stoves.

Offered at the community level, the program provides funding to promote the exchange and offer incentives to replace old wood stoves. It also delivers education to help people operate their wood-burning appliances efficiently.

The program is managed by the Wood Stove Exchange Steering Committee, which has representation from the following parties:

  • Provincial and municipal governments
  • Community groups
  • BC Lung Association
  • Wood Energy Technicians of BC (WET BC)
  • Hearth Patio Barbeque Association (HPBA) – Western Chapter
  • Manufacturers, suppliers and dealers of wood-burning and other fuel appliances.

In addition to contributing to the program development and management, the HPBAC have in the past agreed to offer in-store discounts off their appliances for the period of March 1st to April 30th each year (discount details for 2016/17 to be determined). This period is an opportune time to implement and promote the program, although the program and its rebates can be run at any time of the year.

2016 Call for Proposals

Groups interested in implementing or extending an exchange program starting in winter 2016 are invited to put together a proposal: see Project Proposal Content (PDF) . The proposal should then be submitted to the Wood Stove Exchange Steering Committee. The deadline for proposals is September 23, 2016.

The committee will evaluate the proposals and work with successful proponents to get a program in place. Communities are encouraged to offer the program over multiple years in order to build momentum and encourage lasting change.

A list of selection criteria and how projects will be evaluated is in Community Criteria for Pursuing Local Wood Stove Exchange Programs (PDF).

Please note that higher competition for grants in this round means that not every proposal may be selected. Preference will be given to proponents with complete proposals, demonstrated leveraging of funds at the local level, significant in kind contributions, low demand for overhead support, and demonstrated need for air quality improvement. Programs that have previously been supported must clearly demonstrate plans for improving on program delivery. Proponents are welcome to submit their proposals for review prior to formally submitting them.


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