B.C. Air Quality

Inventory of Wood Burning Appliance Use in British Columbia (PDF/ 1.58 MB/63 pages)
March 2012

This report details the findings of a province wide survey of residential wood burning conducted in 2012. The aims of the survey were to collect information on the prevalence of residential wood burning in BC and also to gauge attitudes about air quality and wood smoke.

Wood Stove Inventory and Behavior Analysis (PDF/ 2.37 MB/42 pages)
December 2012

This report compiles the results of the 2012 wood burning survey and a similar survey conducted in 2010 by Metro Vancouver to calculate a province-wide inventory of air emissions from residential wood burning. In addition this report compares the results of the 2010/2012 surveys with earlier surveys done in 2001, 2002 and 2003. )