B.C. Air Quality

Reports and Publications — Guidelines, Criteria and Procedures

See also Objectives and Standards.

Air Quality Objectives and Standards for British Columbia and Canada. April 2009.

British Columbia Environmental Laboratory Manual: 2009. July 2009.

British Columbia Field Sampling Manual: 2003 — for Continuous Monitoring and the Collection of Air, Air-Emission, Water, Wastewater, Soil, Sediment and Biological Samples. March 2004.

Combustion of Municipal Solid Waste - Air Emissions Factsheet. September 2011.

Development of Options for a New Provincial PM2.5 Air Quality Objective (Three Reports). (BC Lung Association) December 2005.

Emission Criteria for Biomedical Waste Incinerators. June 1991.

Emission Criteria for Gas Turbines. December 1992.

Guidance on Application of Provincial Air Quality Criteria for PM2.5. May 2009.

Guidelines for Air Quality Dispersion Modelling in British Columbia. March 2008.

National Air Pollution Surveillance (NAPS) Network.(Environment Canada)

Provincial Ambient Air Quality Criteria for PM2.5: Ministry Intentions Paper. January 2008.

Provincial Ambient Air Quality Criteria for PM2.5: Ministry Intentions Paper — Summary of Public Comment. March 2008.

Review of Criteria in Other Jurisdictions, and Recommendations for British Columbia — Phase I Report. (BC Lung Association) December 2005.

Role of Cost-Benefit Analysis in Setting Air Quality Standards — Phase II Report. (BC Lung Association) December 2005.

Standard Audit Procedure for Continuous Emission Monitors and Ambient Air Monitoring Instruments Procedure 2.10, Version 2.16. June 2009.

Sulphur Recovery Criteria for Natural Gas Processing Plants. January 1994.