B.C. Air Quality

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Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) – Provides a list of AQHI values for communities across BC

BC Air Data Archive – Click on “Most Recent Data” to view the latest reports from stations in your region.

Air Monitoring in Northeastern B.C. – Air quality data specific to North East B.C.

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* If the AQHI index has increased to 7 (high health risk), it is usually because of high concentrations of smoke particles (PM2.5) in this community.

B.C.'s Air Quality Readings

This website provides two types of air quality information that can be viewed in real time:

  • Current and forecast Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) values, a scale to help you understand what the air quality around you means to your health. AQHI values are shown in the table to the left, and health messages found by clicking on the station name. For further details, see: Accessing Additional Information on the AQHI.
  • Measurements of specific air pollutants such as PM2.5, and other parameters such as temperature and wind speed. To access this data, click on the map to zoom in, and click again on your community of interest. For further details, see: Accessing Pollutant Concentrations.

The website also contains information on current air quality advisories and why they do not always correspond with the AQHI. To access historical air quality and meteorological data, visit BC Air Data Archive or download from DataBC Catalogue.

More air quality data:
  • ppb: parts per billion
  • ppm: parts per million
  • µg/m3: micrograms per cubic metre

Missing Data and Instrument Calibration:

It is normal for one hour per day to be missing from the displayed readings for all gas parameters. We schedule automated instrument checks for these periods to help ensure proper operation of the monitoring equipment.


Data found on this web site is accessible in raw form before all quality assurance reviews are complete. This data is preliminary and is subject to change during the review process.