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Last Updated: August 26, 2014; 8:50 a.m.

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New Funding for the Woodstove Exchange Program

July 24, 2014: In celebration of Clean Air Day, the BC government announced new funding for the popular Woodstove Exchange Program. Proposals are now being accepted from communities that would like to run an exchange program in 2014/2015. Details on applying to participate in the program can be found here.

Wildfire Smoke Forecasts for Western and Eastern Canada

May 13, 2014: Wildfire smoke forecasts for Western Canada are available from BlueSky Western Canada. Eastern Canada smoke forecasts are available from BlueSky Eastern Canada.

Thumbnail: Bluesky Canada West Thumbnail: Bluesky Canada East
air quality readings for northeastern B.C.

New Web Pages Highlight Air Monitoring in Northeastern B.C.

Feb. 24, 2014: Learn about the North East Air Monitoring Project, a partnership between the provincial government, the BC Oil and Gas Commission and the oil and gas industry, and view the latest air quality readings for the region.

B.C. State of the Air Report 2013

State of the Air Report 2012 B.C. State of the Air Report 2013

August 20, 2013: The BC Lung Association has released its ninth annual State of the Air Report for British Columbia. The report provides a snapshot of air quality across the province, along with information about pollutants of greatest concern from a human health perspective. It also outlines the actions that are underway throughout British Columbia to address these issues.

Wood Smoke Inventory

July 3, 2013: The Inventory of Wood Burning Appliance Use in British Columbia and Wood Stove Inventory and Behavior Analysis provide an up to date estimate of air pollution emissions from residential wood-burning emissions in BC. In addition the reports provide information on British Columbian’s attitudes and opinions around air pollution and wood smoke in their communities. The reports will be a valuable resource for communities in BC that are addressing wood smoke issues.

Communities get Funding for Wood Stove Exchange

November 25, 2012: The B.C. government is providing a total of over $192,000 in grant funding to 14 communities/regional districts to encourage residents to replace their old wood stoves with cleaner burning models that will improve personal health and air quality, Environment Minister Terry Lake announced today.

British Columbians Breathing Easier without their Old Wood Stoves

September 11, 2012: Applications are now being accepted for the 2013 Provincial Wood Stove Exchange. Local governments, nonprofit organizations and airshed/air quality management organizations in B.C. are eligible to apply. Visit the Proposal Information and Requirements page for more information.

Super Stove and Belcher characters

Government Invests in New Air Quality Monitoring Technology

August 17, 2012: This year the Province will invest $100,000 in 12 new state-of-the-art FEM (Federal Equivalent Method) air quality monitors, adding to the existing 22 already installed throughout the province. The new monitors have greater sensitivity and provide a more precise measure of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) than older monitors used since the 1990s.

State of the Air: Infographic State of the Air Infographic, 2012 For more information, see:

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Air Quality Bylaws in B.C.

March 19, 2012: The Ministry of Environment has released an updated 2011 Inventory of Air Quality Bylaws in British Columbia. This report is an inventory of bylaws addressing air pollution from open burning, vehicle idling and wood heating in communities across BC. It is a resource for communities contemplating adopting or revising air quality bylaws and for citizens concerned about air quality in their communities.

Clear Air BC: Your guide to visual air quality in Metro Vancouver and the Lower Fraser Valley

March 1, 2012: Even relatively low levels of pollution can cause haziness that obscure the beautiful views that B.C. is famous for. The Clear Air BC site explains the visual air quality issue and links to web cameras that are used to track visual air quality. Visit www.clearairbc.ca.

Clear Air BC

Thumbnail: New video on air quality, health and outdoor activity

Watch a Video on the AQHI and Outdoor Activity

May 10, 2011: We all know getting outside for sport and recreation is good for our health. But did you know you can help protect your health by checking the air quality in your community before you get moving? Check out this video!

Provincial Idle Reduction Initiative: Pledge to Be Idle Free!

Join the provincewide movement to take action against climate change and improve air quality. Pledge to be idle free!

Logo for Provincial Idle Reduction Initiative

The Provincial Idle Reduction Initiative is aimed at helping British Columbian drivers to decrease unnecessary engine idling. If you’re going to be stopped for more than 10 seconds (except in traffic), turn off the engine.

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