Wildfire Smoke Forecasts for Eastern Canada

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These smoke forecasts are produced by the Eastern Canada BlueSky Smoke Forecasting System operating at the University of British Columbia. For more detailed information about the system, see The BlueSky Eastern Canada Wildfire Smoke Forecasting System (PDF: 217 KB/6 pages). The system was developed through the collaborative efforts of the following partners: Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, British Columbia Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources Canada, University of British Columbia and the United States Forest Service. In addition to the above partners, this work is supported by the Canadian Safety and Security Program (CSSP-2012-CP-1182) which is managed by Defence Research and Development Canada's Centre for Security Science.

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
Government of British Columbia University of British Columbia United States Forest Service
Natural Resources Canada Canadian Safety and Security Program

Comments on the output, or questions about the system and forecasts should be directed to: bcairquality@gov.bc.ca.