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There are currently no advisories.

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Updated British Columbia Air Quality Dispersion Modelling Guideline

December 7, 2015: The Ministry of Environment has completed an update of the British Columbia Air Quality Dispersion Modelling Guideline. The Guideline helps ensure that dispersion modelling studies developed for the ministry are appropriate for regulatory application in the province. The use of the new Guideline is required for new projects or existing projects without approved detailed model plans.

Access the updated British Columbia Air Quality Dispersion Modelling Guideline document (PDF) here.

Policy Update on the Wood Stove Regulation

October 14, 2015: The Ministry of Environment has released a policy update outlining proposed changes to the Solid Fuel Burning Domestic Appliance Regulation (SFBDAR). The proposed changes are designed to ensure that only clean burning wood stoves and other wood burning appliances are sold in B.C.

The ministry is inviting comment on the proposed changes. Find out more here.

Visual Air Quality Rating available at Clear Air BC

A new index called the Visual Air Quality Rating (VAQR) is now available on the Clear Air BC website. The VAQR is a tool that quantifies “visual air quality”, which refers to the impact of air pollution on scenic views. The VAQR was developed by the BC Visibility Coordinating Committee, a multi-agency team that includes Environment Canada, BC Ministry of Environment, Metro Vancouver, and the Fraser Valley Regional District. The Clear Air BC website is operated by Metro Vancouver, who issued the following press release announcing the launch of the VAQR. The Clear Air BC website provides additional information on the issue of visual air quality and on the VAQR.

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